What are the side effects of CBD?

CBD oil is totally safe for most people. In fact, when it comes to medication, it’s one of the safest things to take for mind and body. However, we encourage our customers to be responsible when it comes to taking any kind of treatment, so if you’re wondering whether CBD oil has any side effects, read on.

It is important to understand that CBD is 100% natural, is extracted from the hemp plant and as a result,

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Is CBD oil and cannabis legal in my country?

We all know that CBD oil has incredible health benefits and has cured cancer and other serious illnesses in humans and animals, but is CBD oil legal where you live? Here’s what you need to know about the legalities of this magical medicine, where you can and cannot legally use it.

By the way, laws are changing the status of cannabis and CBD oil all the time. While we endeavour to keep our information up to date,

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What Is CBD – The Guide.

What Is CBD – The Guide.

What Is CBD? – The Guide

Cannabinoids are all the rage right now. But what exactly is CBD and why are people so in love with it? Here’s a guide on everything you need to know.

What is CBD? And, more importantly, what is it supposed to do? Those questions lie at the heart of this guide to one of the most beneficial chemicals found in the cannabis plant.

There are more than 400 different compounds produced by the chemical powerhouses that are cannabis plants.

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CBD Oil and Other Things That Reduce Anxiety

CBD Oil and Other Things That Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can ruin your day and your night. However, there are a few things that help you stay calm and breathe, like cod oil. Here’s a list of things to help.

Roughly 40 million people in the US suffer from an anxiety disorder–which is a whole lot more than worrying about your first day on a new job or fears about getting a medical test result.

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“Can you imagine what it’s like to watch a baby convulsing, Minister?” Damning letter puts pressure on the Irish government to review stance on cannabidiol medicine.

Irish Mother Wants Cannabis Legalised

Pressure is mounting on the Irish government after a single mother wrote a heart-rending letter urging them to legalise cannabis as a medicine.

Noreen O’Neill is the mother of 17-month-old Michael who suffers from a neurological disorder.

Michael had been suffering from seizures since he was three months old. Anticonvulsant drugs prescribed by doctors had failed to address the problem.

In her letter,

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CBD Oil Ireland – Mother slams minister’s letter as a “Fob Off” to legalising CBD

CBD Oil Ireland

A shocking story in the Irish Independent today which illustrates how Government’s are in the grips of the pharmaceutical industry and putting their interests over the health of the people.

CBD oil is completely harmless at the very least and even if there is only anecdotal evidence like that shown here from Noreen O’Neil and her son Michael, surely she is right to say that she has been “fobbed off”

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How CBD oil can treat pets

How CBD Oil Can Treat Pets

The benefits of cannabis on humans has been widely touted, but there is now massive interest in CBD’s impact on animals too.

So much so that the Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine Symposium was held at Colorado State University in October 2017 attracting pet owners and vet professionals across the state.

Doctors who have researched cannabis with animals spoke on the latest research, particularly in epilepsy and osteoarthritis in dogs.

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Boy On Cannabis Oil Use…

15 Year Old Goes Public On Cannabis Oil Use

The best proponents on cannabis oil use are obviously the people who have used it to treat their debilitating illnesses. A fifteen year old Crohn’s disease sufferer has gone public on his cannabis oil use, to treat the illness he has been fighting since the age of 11.

Coltyn Turner shared his story at the Marijuana and Health Symposium in Colarado recently and admitted that even though it was against the law,

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